“coo-boo boop”


Yesterday I think we had some of what Tucsonians (sp?) call, “monsoons.” It felt more like God was rinsing some fresh produce in a giant colander.  So we came inside and waited for the giant raindrops to stop or at least slow down. Andy lined up all his little cars in front of the sliding glass door (needless to say, everyone was waiting for the rain to be “all done”).   He’s never quite satisfied with the line up. There is a continual shuffling of reverse and park. Andy’s favorite toy car (this week) is the Little Tike’s  Cozy Coupe, aka “a coo-boo- boop.” If you look closely, you can see a few scratches on the passenger side door. No-doubt they appeared after one of many crash landings from atop the coffee table into the pile of other unfortunate cars. And he’s awake. Ah! …and there cries the little Daisy too. I think I’m on auto-pilot, myself.


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