He talks in his sleep!

It seems Andy has coughed up some bronchitis. In our house being sick and under age 3 usually means that all of us are sleep-deprived to some extent. Andy slept a portion of last night on me. We finally brought him to our bed by 3:30 or so in the morning, and he sat sideways on my lap with his head just tucked under my right collar bone and my shoulder. And it was in this position that I made such a delightful discovery about our son. He talks in his sleep! Between snores, he managed to communicate that it was, “Andy’s turn,” and  something about “Winnie-Pooh.”  I am crazy about him.


The doctor ordered a chest X-ray today. Daisy and I went to Target to get Andy’s prescription filled while Seth took Andy to have his picture taken. I would love to have copies of those X-rays. I bet they were cute. Little preschooler lungs.

My heart goes out to Stephen and Merri Hackett, and their darling  Josiah. I have much to learn from you.


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