Daisy’s Seizure

Daisy had a seizure last month. We had a completely normal, happy Wednesday, but around bedtime I thought she felt a little warm (she was not fussy at all). The thermometer read 100, so I gave her some Tylenol, and she went to bed. She would cry out occasionally and then go back to sleep…but that was normal for her when fever-free. I kept walking down the hall to her door and she would go back to sleep for another hour or so.

Finally by about 1:30 in the morning she cried out, and I thought we should take her temperature again. She felt like she was having fever chills. When I brought her into the light I could see her eyes were open and staring off to the right, and her entire body was involved in horrible jerking. She was gray and completely unresponsive to my calling (which quickly escalated).  We called our parents and the paramedics. She quit shaking after about a half an hour, but she didn’t respond to me until 3 hours later at the ER. We were at the hospital for a few days, and Daisy was diagnosed with a complex febrile seizure (see “Types”). I was told it is a miracle she survived it.

According to the neurologist, her abnormal EEG results reveal that she has a susceptibility to seize. Her age, the length of time within the seizure, and the poor use of her right side were all abnormal. She’s on medication and will continue to visit the neurologist regularly this year.

I have, sort of, isolated myself and the kids. No church nursery, no large play groups, no chick-fil-et play gym. This is probably obsessive. (I have a new hose-down-the-grocery-cart ritual.) I know it cannot all be avoided. Germs and infection, that is. But what are reasonable precautions? If a simple fever can make favorable conditions for Daisy to have a life-threatening seizure…  At the same time it’s good for her to build immunity, but man. I’m afraid. Lord, help me.


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