Suitcases and Seizures

We’ve done a bit of visiting family this past month, and the time together went too quickly. Upon returning from each set of parents/grandparents, Andy’s daily request has been to “go to Memphis again?” or “go to Denver by myself?”

We almost didn’t make it to Denver though, and it made me wish I had not mentioned the plan to bright-eyed Andy at all. Daisy came down with a mild fever the night before we arranged to leave. She had three seizures before the next evening. Thankfully none of these was lengthy. Her third occurred at dinner in front of Andy, and he was pretty alarmed by the whole thing. My mom flew down the next morning and brought everyone some ease and comfort. As soon as Daisy was better we drove up to Denver and enjoyed an escape from the heat.

We were able to see a doctor and get her medication adjusted, but I still have dozens of questions. I think I need to register for a med school course on febrile seizures and epilepsy. If nothing else, we need to find and take an infant/child CPR class. If she were to stop breathing during a seizure, I’ll need more than the fuzzy memory from my undergraduate health class of what to do. Here’s to knowledge we hope we’ll never need! Love you, Daisy. And asking God for help and answers.


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