First Words

By 15 months of age Daisy has much to say…

syrup, bite, turkey, cracker, choo-choo, book, dog, duck, cat, cow, ball, car, vacuum, poo-poo, diaper, wipe, bath, water, rock, wheel, belt, purple, yellow, dance, tatoe (potatoe), eye, nose, mouth, ear, belly button, toes, paci, bottle, cup, hi, bye-bye, jump, light, on, yes, no, cookie, outside, inside, shoe, sock, momma, daddy, Daisy, Andy, mimi, papa, grandma, granddad, cay-cay (aunt caitlin), exercise, giraffe, grape, drink, bubble, sheep, pretzel, spoon, frog, pizza, more, open, close, phone, peacock, deer, emu, fish, prune, rocker, step stool, song, potty, tee-tee, butterfly, sleep, throw, toast, go, balloon, here you go, thank you, step stool, belly button, french fry, raisin, circle, help, please, ice, Corduroy, bath, water, teeth, brush, quack,  hippo, rhino, earring, love you!

(and many more)


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