“Gonna make them Sobbin’ women (mama) smile…”

Today was quite enough for me, thank you. On top of sending Seth off for an all-day/late-night study-mania-session, trying to get the house cleaned for family to visit next week, and perfecting potty training cheers every half hour or so, Daisy managed to climb up and fall out of her crib during nap time.

At the end of this crazy day Andy and I sat down on the sofa with some popcorn and the first half of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. We arrived at the scene where Adam convinces his younger brothers to do some bride-kidnapping. He calls them “Sobbin’ women,” after the legendary Roman abduction of the Sabine women. I’m not sure what expression I allowed to creep across my face during this song (probably looked something like pity) but Andy came over to me saying, “Mama? Are you okay, Mama?” I assured him that I was fine. He climbed up in my lap and hugged and kissed me and said, “Mama…don’t worry about that T.V. It’s okay, Mama.”

I hardly remember now being frazzled today. Thank you, Andy.

(By the way, mom…I did fix Daisy’s crib. She will not be falling out anymore. Not until she’s as tall as I am.)


One thought on ““Gonna make them Sobbin’ women (mama) smile…”

  1. Nancy Beal says:

    These always make me smile 🙂 How precious for Andy to perceive a need and then to comfort you. And, that Daisy! – look at the positive side. Perseverance and determination are great virtues. They will come in very handy later in her life…and most likely will be tempered with an understanding of the laws of gravity. What beautiful “fruit” is in the making!

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