Discourse of the Season

Lean over your plate. Should we call grandma? It was an accident. (Are we already out of wipes again?) Hold still. Daddy will be so proud! Does it hurt? Change your attitude. Where are your shorts? Can you encourage her? (I should fix lunches.) Better run to the potty! Okay, you’re going to need a bath. Take your hands out of your mouth. Can you put this in the garbage please? In a few minutes you can have a turn. If you’re done with it put it away. (I needed to have gone to medical school.) Can you please run and grab a burp cloth? If you’re going to whine, go to your room – no one wants to hear. You used the potty, yay! Be careful. No. What comes after G? Please put the school bus back in the toy box. You need to say I’m sorry. (I can hardly keep my eyes open.) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? Slow down. You need to have one more bite of ham before you can have another grape. Where is the phone? You can’t put your weight on him – you’re too big! Ssh, he’s asleep. You’re gonna have to wait. (Maybe this song will be meaningful.) Hurry – the garbage truck is coming! I just can’t hold you both at the same time. Calm down. Yay, Daddy’s home!! Do you need a kiss? Find all the straight edge pieces first. Come on, we need to go wash our hands. Go put that on Daddy’s desk. Uh-oh. Why are you spilling that all over? I’ll get the step stool. Use soap! Not right now. (I can’t believe she’ll eat brussel sprouts, but not a pb&j.)  It’s time to lay down. Are you listening to me? Let’s pray. (Where are my shoes?) Slowly, slowly down they came…Each dog part of a long dog chain. Tummy time. What are you thinking about? Turn it the other way. It’s too hot. I’m so sorry I yelled at you, honey. I don’t want to yell. I love you – will you forgive me? (Heaven help.)


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