Kiss from God

Since the fourth of July our family enjoyed much needed time with parents in Denver and Memphis. As Seth finished his comps last spring, the summertime bid us take many opportunities for deep breaths of quality family time. Now that the fall semester has begun (for the SIXth time in graduate-school) the weeks have become quickly filled.

This afternoon I was sitting on the edge of the tub in our hall bathroom helping Daisy use the potty. And since I stepped out to grab her some fresh undies (poor thing, who wants to go potty when you can just hold it till the very last millisecond and keep playing as long as you possibly can?), I started continued praying over some potentially hard issues that have been a burden to me for a couple days. When I returned to Daisy, I sat down and started crying, still feeling unsettled, and she said to me, “You’re happy?” I said, “Well, you make me VERY happy, but right now I’m sad inside.” She just smiled at me and said, “God is with you. He is here. He gives you a kiss!”

And later after lunch when the kids were napping, He also gave me this section from the Psalms in our little daily reader subscription (although quoted with changed pronouns since it sounded more honest coming from God) …

“I am your hiding place and your shield; You need to hope in My word. Depart from her evildoers that she may keep My commandments. I uphold you according to My promise, that you may live, and you will not be put to shame in your hope! I will hold you up that you may be safe and have regard for My statues continually!” Psalm 119:114-117

Bless the Lord. (And thank You for my darling daughter, the agent of Your kiss.)


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