Their life is a vacation.

Little kids don’t know how to appreciate the newness and absence of routine that vacation makes possible. It’s the whole point: we want to go away from the rigmarole.  But for children this is like turning the world upside down. For example, most nights in our hotel Daisy woke up in complete confusion because she thought she was supposed to be at home in her own bed. At home kids are used to eating meals and taking naps at regular times, but on vacation we rearrange our normal life around gatherings, site-seeing, and “plans.” This is such a huge task for little people. During our stay in Atlanta, I think Andy handled it all very well. We settled the kids in their giant beds one night, and Andy made it clear he wanted to snuggle with Seth.

Seth basically said, “No. You need to get to sleep.”
Andy, “But you snuggled with Daisy last night.”
Seth, “No. I didn’t snuggle with her. I just came to sleep in her bed.”
Seth, “Because she gets scared.”
Andy, “Why?”
Seth, “Because she wakes up and doesn’t know where she is.”
Andy, “Oh.”
Seth, “Goodnight.”
Andy, “Daddy, I don’t know where I am.”
Seth, “Yes, you do. Where are you?”
Andy, “Nothing. Nowhere. I am with nobody.”

I think Seth ended up laying down with him for a few minutes.

(Dear Uncle John and Aunt Melissa, thank you for making our hotel arrangements for New Years. Our stay in Atlanta was completely comfortable, and our time with you and the whole family was happy and warm! Never mind the kids’ confusion!)


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