Seven Months In

We did not have a fifth. Following our pattern and timing of having children we should have delivered kiddo number five by now. No, we moved to Indonesia instead. Here we are adjusting to change…again. Very different change. Language, markets and supermals, food, transportation, environment, faith, class, pace, etc. We are adjusting and adapting slowly. This is OKAY. I have not included myself or the rest of the family in a show-down for “who’s the most well adjusted expat?” and who needs that?!

Seven months in and we are feeling more settled than less, although moving anywhere (or having a baby) takes about a year for most people to completely adjust to the new normal. As soon as we arrived, our family moved close in to each other. This was probably because we were looking for support and security, to breathe easier and hold on to one another.  Sadly, there has been plenty of loosing it, general panic, and yelling. But I’m grateful that in God’s grace we’ve shared plenty apologies and forgiveness. Seth and I are often back to back, sorting through a thousand minuscule, seemingly insignificant, but completely foreign “what-in-the-worlds!?” . More under  our belt and more relaxed now, I think it’s time to record and share some news or interesting parts of our new life here in the beautiful tropics, sometimes known by Seth and I as “crazyland”.

Best part, God is here.


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