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As in the States our groceries here come from several places. Mostly we go to the supermal to shop one or two of the three modern-ish grocery stores. I can buy staples and almost everything I need to make many basic western dishes. There are other, more cool, stores which sell things like Cheerios, tortilla chips, brown sugar, etc, but transportation is an issue. We also partake in a dairy order. We can get a pale cheddar, mission tortillas and a few other home favorites.

2014-09-20 07.19.30

Of all the food shopping we do I relish the opportunities to go to a pasar, a traditional market. These are buildings or little structures where venders or farmers gather in the morning, and the produce and meat is always fresher. Like a farmer’s market, only more affordable. The bargaining skills required intimidate me a little, but it’s not true that because I’m white I’ll be charged more. That has happened a few times, but often people are very warm and friendly – happy to hear me poorly attempt their language and buy their great food. It’s not difficult to get to a pasar, I just prefer to get a babysitter since it’s pretty unsanitary.

2014-09-20 07.12.57Milk is about $12 a gallon here, so we don’t drink as much of that sweet nectar anymore. Loved those Kroger milk sales and Costco boxes! 



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