Daisy asked if I would glue Belle’s shoes on, “so they will never fall off”
Me: Sure that’s a good idea.
Daisy: Oh! I’m going to tell Andy the good news!!

A New Year’s Eve (2013) discussion
Daisy: “What’s a real ballerina?”
Dad: “A person whose job is to do ballet. They work very hard. Do you want to be a real ballerina?”
Daisy:”I don’t want to work real hard. I want to be a princess. They don’t work hard.”
Dad: [Laughs] “Oh yes, they do — they just have jobs that are different from those of most people.”
Daisy: “Well, pretend princesses, they don’t work hard. Bunnies don’t run away from them!”

“Shoes! I want shoes!”
Now she wants her shoes off, “Feet! I want feet, like Andy”

Daisy wants to make Jesus a purple cake for His birthday 12-8-2011

Kiss from God

Daisy: You can ba-tend yourself is! You be a mean mommy.
Me: But I don’t want to be a mean mom!
Daisy: You can ba-tend!

“Who made Grandma?”
“Who made Grandad?”
“Who made Granny?”
“Who made Papa?”
She smiles, tilts her head back and says, “a angel!” (2 yrs/4mo – August 2011)

Andy got in trouble for not cleaning up the play-food in the kitchen. Then when asked to try again he began to weep dramatically. Daisy walked over to him and said, “I sorry, Annie” (this is how she pronounces “Andy”). “I sorry, Annie,” she would repeat while cleaning up all his toys for him. “I sorry, Annie.” (at 20 months old – December 2010)

While playing with Andy one afternoon, Daisy decided to take a couple of the trains he was playing with…and run. Andy was very upset and fell to the floor in 3 year old misery. As soon as he reacted she let her head fall back with a smile and said, “funny!” September 2010

During lunch Daisy knocked her booster-seat tray on the floor and looked up at me and said, “Oh…..nice.” September 2010

Daisy was very upset one evening while I was fixing dinner. Putting our meal in the oven would not be easy with little-bird hanging on my leg, so I told her to go to the living room. She stood up taller, took a thinking pause, and began searching in every room of the house for Grandma. “Gamma? Gamma?…” August 2010

First Words

The other day Andy either bumped his head or didn’t get his way and ended up in tears. Daisy was really investigating his face during the meltdown. She finally reached up to touch his tear (although, Andy didn’t let her). I told him that she was only concerned about him. Daisy then tried to kiss him! (Again, he didn’t let her.) So she turned around to me and gave me a big kiss. “mmmm-aah”  Sweetheart. May 2010

Daisy Turns One

Whenever I vacuum Daisy squeals and dances (swaying back and forth combined with turning in circles). She cracks me up. April 2010

More words first words: ball, hi, cracker, cheese, kaboom, choo-choo, train, purple, yah. By April 21, 2010.

Dress ‘n Dazzle

Daisy’s first words (in order of appearance): dadda, momma, Andy, bye-bye, bottle, outside, airplane, dishes, paci, sock

Toddle. Daisy started walking, independently, last week! Wow. March 2010 (1st week of)

When Daisy goes to bed at night, she takes a pacifier in her mouth, one in her hand, and occasionally another in her other hand. (?) Sweet, silly-head.

I am certain that Daisy said “airplane” (“eh-pay”).  We were outside and a couple of Air force planes flew overhead. (It has probably helped that Andy exclaims “airplane” whenever we see or hear one…which is about every hour.) February 2010

Daisy pauses from a nice warm bottle to clap along with the Wheel of Fortune audience. HA. February 2010

Daisy, very clearly, said “Andy.” February 2010

For about a week in January of this year, Daisy would crawl over to Andy for the sole purpose of  patting him on the head. Occasionally she grabbed hold and gave a good tug. Andy thought it was funny…but only for about a week.

Daisy’s Seizure

One of my favorite times of the day is when Andy wakes up from his nap. Daisy wakes up about 30 minutes before he does, and as soon as we hear him, she goes cruising down the hall at 90 miles an hour to see him. She pulls herself up to stand against the bed and frequently lets out a big squeal. October – December 2009

Daisy Crawls

Welcome, Daisy.


One thought on “Daisy

  1. Christina Heindel says:

    You know that this will be something you will always cherish. When my daughters were growing up I had no computer and the term “blog” meant an area of ground that was mushy and damp! Take time to journal here as much as you can. You will look back on it with smiles. Time flies by so quickly and the memories tend to be crowded out by other things like old age, dementia, tiredness and alas, new memories! Love you Noelle and so happy to see you are doing this. What a treasure for your family!

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