Andy, playing down the hall, “MOM! MOM! MOM!” I went to him and said, “Yes? ” He said, “No. I’m talking to another mom.”

Andy: What are we going to do in heaven?
Seth: There are many different ideas about that…
Andy: I know one thing – we WILL go to church!

Daisy wanted to eat the crust of Andy’s sandwich at lunch. He said, “No, Daisy! You’ll die!”

Andy: There’s snow outside. It’s going to snow on the roof. Me: N0. The weather man said that it might snow, but he was wrong. There’s no snow. Andy: He disobeyed. December 2010

Andy and Daisy began sharing a bedroom this month (December 2010). After having put them to bed, Daisy got in trouble and had to be disciplined – she was crying and very upset about this. Afterward we heard Andy on the monitor saying, “Are you okay, Daisy?” And she replied, “Yeah.” Then he asked her, “Daisy, can you laugh?”

Andy: Can the rain come? Me: Well, I can’t make it rain. I’m not in charge of the rain- Andy: Daddy’s in charge of the rain. October 2010

A great big spider scurried across the sofa while I was folding laundry and I said, “holy cow!” I told Andy he should never touch a spider because he doesn’t know which ones are poisonous. “Andy if you see a spider in the house what are you going to do?” He replied, “Don’t touch him. If you see a cow in our house, then…(?)” October 2010

“Grapes are just little things. It gets all over my teeth, goes down my throat and into my pants. ” September 2010

Today at lunch he told Daisy “when you are older, THEN you can throw food.” (she had been in trouble for throwing raisins)

After telling Andy that I didn’t have his favorite song on my iPod and we would have to wait for Seth to get home with his, he said to me, “when you get bigger-bigger, then you can have daddy’s iPod.” September 2010

Just before bed the other night Andy said, “When Daisy wakes up, then she can bother me.” August 2010

During Andy’s nap I could hear him through the monitor saying, “Daddy? Where are you Daddy? You are invisible.” July 2010

After trying to teach Andy the first verse of Rock of Ages, he said to me, “Can we see Jesus?” June 2010

Seth to Andy, on my birthday: I’m glad that we have Mommy. Are you glad that we have Mommy? Andy: We have cake! 🙂 May 24, 2010

Andy, Seth and I were all sitting on the bed identifying the letters on Seth’s shirt. I pointed to a the letter ‘A’ and asked him, “What letter is that?” Andy answered, “Quesadilla!”

Getting out of the car and into a stroller at the store the other day, Andy pointed to a pickup truck in the parking lot and said, “That truck is sad.” I then asked, “Sad? Why is he sad?” Andy replied, “Yeah. That silver car is happy! He’s happy.” May 2010

Planting an indoor herb garden.

“A Slice of Pie-a-Pie”

Andy has strep throat. Every time he takes his medicine he says, “I’m all better!” March 2010

Me: “Andy, you went poo-poo in the potty! That makes Mommy and Daddy soo happy!” Andy: “And the dryer happy too!” March 2010

Last night Andy prayed, “Dear God, thank you for Daisy. Amen.” He received no prompting. (yay!) Feb 2010

Me: “I think it’s time to go to the store.” Andy: “…and buy PIZZA! and sugar too.” February 2010

Daisy discovers some new toys. I suggest to Andy we tell her what everything is. Andy says, “Daisy, everything is. Everything is, Daisy.” February 2010

Potty 101

Andy, while washing his hands, thought it would be a good thing to wash a full roll of toilet paper too.
January 2010

Little Man Monologue

Daisy wakes up from her nap crying, screaming actually. Andy, who should be napping, begins to yell affectionately from down the hall, “Don’t cry Daisy! Daisy OK!!” December 2009

Mamma Weasel

Andy called a zerbit (blowing on the belly) a “burp-tickle.” November 2009

So, a little boy dressed like Thomas the Tank Engine comes trick-or-treating at our house -Andy is thrilled!- we give him some candy and when it was time to say goodbye…Andy bursts into tears. 10/31/09

He Talks in His Sleep

The Cozy Coupe Car

Andy Turns 2

My Son’s Name


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